Our services in Vienna

Our services in Vienna

We support you personally from the first consultation appointment, the choice of location, the bridal beauty appointment, the wedding ceremony, and beyond that to the cutting of the wedding cake, if you wish.
Planning your wedding in detail:
We start with your suggestions, ideas, inspirations, expectations, dreams and wishes. The result is the style of your wedding, e. g. imperial K&K weddings, modern, magical, rustic, etc. and this leads us to your dream location.
In the second step, we formulate your wedding concept together, which has already begun to develop in parallel.
We make sure that your wishes and ideas are fully reflected in the concept and that everything remains within the given financial framework. Due to the many different information we now combine the individual services like puzzle pieces to a complete picture.
In the next step, we will present you with all of the wedding industry partners you might be interested in, together with their services. Afterwards, you can calmly consider and decide whether the designs actually meet your expectations and wishes and are thus in line with your wishes.
Subsequently, we work as wedding planners in the background, which means: administration, cost control and document processing. We will always keep you up to date.
Before your big day we meet again via Skype or personally and summarize all important points.
Then it's time! And we accompany you together with our industry partners in Vienna to the yes-word . . .

Your wedding - our promise:

• when enthusiasm becomes passion . . .
• when love becomes perfection down to the smallest detail . . .
• when constant learning & research becomes competence . . .
• when human values become the norm of cooperation . . .
then we will create your unique wedding together with you,
that you and your guests will remember and enjoy for a long time.


What you gain through us:

• a rich and varied portfolio of different wedding venues 
• a well-rehearsed and experienced team with years of experience in wedding planning 
• competent wedding planners with personal presence on site
• wedding planner with personal knowledge of the locations
• an excellent price-performance ratio

Getting married in Vienna: authentic and timeless!