How to make a beautiful floral composition for a dream wedding in the heart of Tuscany

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A beautiful floral composition for a dream wedding in the heart of Tuscany

Fiori SanRemo

The florist Fiori SanRemo is located in Poggibonsi in Via Redipuglia 42, easily accessible by car.
Surrounded by places like San Gimignano, Casole d'Elsa, Monteriggioni and nestled in the rolling hills of Chianti, there are many wedding locations right outside the door.

This area offers the perfect setting for dream weddings in Tuscany in all seasons.
The bright sunflowers, the fragrant lavender, the golden fields of maize and wheat, and the gentle vineyards offer a unique natural backdrop for bridal couples from all over the world.

photocredit: Pixabay

In recent years, this area has been showing an increased demand from bridal couples from Germany, Austria, Holland and the USA.
Some bridal couples are drawn to the heart of Tuscany under the motto "back to the roots".
Other brides and grooms who want to get married choose Tuscany as their wedding destination because of the country's beauty and rich culinary wealth.

Wheat, lavender and sunflowers are symbols of fertility and wealth. According to a legend, they bring luck, prosperity and protect against evil. Based on this legend, it is still customary in some villages in this area today for the bride to carry a lavender branch or a small bouquet of lavender. This should bring fertility and happiness.

Manuela and Luca

The florist couple Manuela and Luca lead their traditional flower shop with much love.
Together with an architect, the business concept was planned and implemented with great creativity.
What characterises the two is, among other things, their great knowledge of wedding venues. 

Ordering the flowers for the dream wedding in Tuscany

Once bride and groom have decided on the location, the bridal gown has found the bride, they continue with the next step: the flower decoration.

Manuela and Luca advise in bridal bouquet, table decoration, church decoration and the many small and important details such as badges, bridesmaids bouquets and of course the general decoration of the location.
Of course everything according to the available wedding budget.

Questions about questions are clarified:
is there a favorite color, is there a favorite flower, is there a motto or theme?
Does the wedding location have a predominant color theme that you want to stick to or that you want to focus with neutral and timeless cream tones?

  • Which bridal bouquet should it be?
  • What should the badge look like?
  • What should the bridesmaids get: a small bouquet or a floral bracelet, a floral hair ribbon or a single flower in their hair, ...
  • Which table decoration is desired, what is allowed?
    Often real candles are not allowed and you have to switch to LED.
  • How should the church be decorated, what should be decorated at all at the venue?
  • Should the bridal car be decorated?

photocredit: Manuela & Luca Cervelli

The flower wholesale market in Pescia

photocredit: google maps

1928 the flower wholesale market in Pescia went into operation for the first time.

I found a picture of thoses days: 


In 1950, the flower wholesale market moved to a larger building.

In the years 1975 - 1988 they have been working on today's flower wholesale market to meet the contemporary needs of suppliers and buyers.
Today regional flowers but also flowers from all over the world are offered.

Here a short overview:

The creative process:
How individual flowers become a unique wedding flower decoration

The flowers are personally picked up and delivered by the driver at the Flower Wholesale Market in Pescia.
Upon arriving at the store, they are processed immediately.

With much love bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, badges, table arrangements, as well as arrangements for the church are prepared.

Even small last minute weddings can be equipped:

Eva and Gabriel wanted to celebrate a symbolic wedding with their closest family and friends at a winery in Tuscany.
They were originally from Prague, but lived and worked in Milan.
Both were employed in one of Milan's most successful marketing agenciy.

They wanted to organize their wedding at any cost and started to book the hotel for their guests and themselves.
Eva and Gabriel knew the owners of the winery personally and had booked, sending a short email of the desired place and the subsequent meal including wine tasting.

All other planning tasks were still noted on the long TO DO list.
Gabriel, who also traveled a lot internationally, did not think a lot about the wedding.
He was convinced that his Evi had everything under control and organised everything as always.
His wife was just great!

Eva had recently received a promotion.
The new job was associated with even more work and responsibility.
So it happened that the time passed and both had their wedding in the back of their minds, but they did not manage to organize important things, such as wedding ceremony in English, wedding dress and wedding suit and party favors, or to ask someone for help.

Eva's assistant Eleonora has been aksing to help several times.
But Eva just waved off with a big thank you, she'll manage that ...

It had become Wednesday.
On Friday, Eva and Gabriel were supposed to leave.
Gabriel was in the US on a business trip and would come home in the evening.

In the lunch break, Eva deliberately wanted to leave the office and quickly buy a wedding dress.
She asked Eleonora if she would come along, for a maximum of an hour.

Eleonora, who got married two years ago and had been organizing her wedding completely by herself, was just speechless. She nodded and wanted to help Eva.
Eleonora was Eve's maid of honor, Eleonora's husband was Gabriel's best man.

So it happened that the two women spent the lunch break in the nearby bridal shop.
Eleonora, who knew Eva very well and knew how picky she could be if she put something in her head, was not very happy about the choice of business.

It was nearby, on two floors and had a huge selection of international bridal gowns.
She doubted if Eva would find a dress.
Eleonora feared Eva's impatience.

Eva was used to holding the reins and thus the control.
If something did not go according to plan, that was usually a problem for Eva.
Eleonora saw a big problem approaching her friend.

When the two women entered the bridal shop, Eva was overwhelmed.
The saleswoman asked her with questions over questions about which model she wanted: A-line, Princess ...

Eva, who was anything but a romantic bride, ONLY wanted a bridal gown.
With her 1.90 m, slender and long red hair, she looked like in model.
The saleswoman was very surprised and obviously not prepared for this kind of bride.
She stuttered and did not know what to do.

Eleonora asked the shop assistant to take a look around and get the shop assistant if needed.
The shop assistant was relieved at the good suggestion and withdrew immediately.

Eva went from bridal gown to to bridal gown and looked at one dress after the other ...
There was none that she liked: too ruffled, too much lace, too heavy, too old-fashioned, too many pearls, too much glitter.

Eva did not see herself in any of the wedding dresses.
Eleonora had seen this situation coming.
So she went to the second floor and tried a flowing airy wedding dress in ivory without lace, without pearls and without glittering.

She found a model of an Italian designer.
The saleswoman explained to her with great eyes that this was the previous year's model. Eleonora shook her head and said that was not a problem. They reached for Eva.

Eva completely annoyed and frustrated, now sat on the bench and sipped her prosecco.
When the saleswoman with the dress in her hand asked Eva to come to the dressing room, Eva was relieved.
She liked the fabric and the color very well and it seemed like a breezy model, just what she wanted.
She winked at Eleonora and asked her to come along.
Eleonora pleadingly looked at the saleswoman, who withdrew.

When Eva's dress was on, she immediately scurried out of the cabin to admire herself in the mirrors from all sides.
The changing area was an octagon with large mirrors next to the cabin doors.
The bride could look at herself from all sides.
Eva was more than satisfied, she was happy and beaming.
She knew, Eleonora was the best!

Eleonora, in turn, mentally pinpointed one point on the To Do list.

Eva bought the dress and after 45 minutes the two women were back in the office with snacks in their hands.
Eleonora pointed out to Eva that she still had to organize the wedding ceremony and flowers, at least.

Eva waved her hand and answered that there was still enough time, after all, it was still Thursday.
They would not drive until Friday.
Eleonora nodded and left the room.
She had hoped Eva would ask for help now.

Thursday was filled with surprises and there was not a single moment to think about the upcoming wedding.
The boss surprised Eva with the new business associate Kevin Thompson from London.
Kevin arrived at 10:00 am and left the office at 7:00 pm. Eva was indispensable during this period.

When Gabriel called Eva at 9:00 pm and worriedly reminded that they would go to Casole the next morning, she finished her activities and hurried home.

It was packed quickly and a few hours later, exactly at 09.00 am the left home for Casole. 
Gabriel steered the car and asked on the autostrada for the flowers and the other open points.
Eva just looked and pulled out immediately her mobile.

She called Eleonora and finally asked her friend for help.
Eleonora gave her the number of a florist couple from Poggibonsi who had decorated her wedding two years ago.
Eleonora remembered the great help of the two.

Eleonora had already contacted Manuela and Luca the previous day and prepared her for Eva.
She did not want the two to get the wrong impression of her dear but somewhat complicated friend.
Manuela and Luca were happy to hear from Eleonora and promised to help their dear friend as much as possible.

Eva called Manuela and Luca immediately. Luca was on the phone. He had promised Eleonora that he would say nothing. Eva came straight to the point, she would marry tomorrow Saturday and needed a bridal bouquet. She also needed somebody for the Symbolic Wedding Ceremony to be held in English, as friends and family came from Prague, London and Milan.

Luca asked where they currently drove. She answered, they were already shortly after Bologna.
Lucca asked where they would stay and heard "in Casole". So he suggested that they should stop at their business in Poggibonsi and discuss everything in person. Eva did not want to make detour, she wanted to go straight to Casole and greet her parents.
But Gabriel answered with a quick note and confirmed they would be in the flowers shop in two hours. He asked for the exact address, Eve noted it and the conversation was over.

Luca called the winery and asked for the contact of the wedding minister at the Symbolic Wedding in English two weeks ago. Two minutes later, he called the wedding minister and asked if she had a wedding the next day. She laughed and said:" No, my first free weekend!". Luca told her about Eva and Gabriel and the woman confirmed to be in the flower store in an hour.

So it happened that Eva and Gabriel entered the shop Fiori Sanremo and Manuela and Luca, as well as the wedding minister welcomed them.
Eva was very happy about the great help of Manuela and Luca. The wedding minister talked briefly with the two, then individually with Eva and Gabriel and punt down some note.

The wedding minister confimred Eva and Gabriel to come over in the evening and discuss briefly the wedding ceremony together with them.

In the menatime Manuela had seen a picture of Eva in her wedding dress on her smartphone and showed her pictures of suitable bridal bouquets.
Eva was excited.
The order was recorded and the bridal couple paid.

Gabriel and Eva drove to Casole to meet finally their family and friends.

The day of the wedding

On the wedding day, Luca and Manuela arrived early at the winery to apply the flower decoration and make sure everything was perfect:

photocredit: Manuela & Luca Cervelli

photocredit: Manuela & Luca Cervelli

All's well that ends well!


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