Bridal Make Up 2019 & Tips from Tuscany

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How to create a Beautiful Bridal Make Up Look in 2019
5 Tips and Trends for a Relaxed and Beautiful Bride

Before we start with the article, I want to jump back to 2018 to give you some background information:
Last years I have been organizing a destination wedding for a lovely bridal couple:

Charlotte and Jack
an Australian Bridal Couple from Brisbane

Charlotte was an IT Specialist from London and moved 8 years ago due to work to Brisbane, where she met her love, Jack.
Jack has been working in the real estate company of his dad since he left University. Both worked very hard and lots of hours. I remember our skype calls, where I very often thought, they really need a rest. Both seemed very, very happy, but terribly exhausted.

photocredit: Pixabay

Why did Charlotte and Jack want to get married in Tuscany?

When they contacted me, they sent a short message and I was wondering, if it was a bad joke or a real request. But I answered quickly, as I didn’t know the background. And after our first skype call I knew that it was not a bad joke at all, but they did not have a lot of time and needed help for sure. They wanted to get married in Tuscany, because Jacks family roots go back to Tuscany:
his great grandfather Neri came from a small town in the near of San Gimignano, near Siena. He left his home when he was very young to get work in Australia. His sister died in a bad accident a few months after he left. And he could not get his parents to Australia, as both of them suffered severe cardiac insufficiency.

Today there is no family left, but Jack loves Tuscany!
He stayed there many times in his life and always wished to get married there one day. Charlotte shares his love of art, culture, good food and wine. She loved the idea to get married in Tuscany from the first moment. So, they were looking for help and found me.


Arranging for a location inspection in Tuscany

We started our collaboration immediately. The contract has been signed and they received tailored information, pictures and prices to choose from. As they were used to take decisions, it was great to work with them. Within short time the concept of the wedding was finalized, and they only had to find time for a location inspection on sight, in Tuscany.

photocredit: Pixabay

Charlotte and Jack on location inspection in Tuscany,
meeting all their vendors

It was great to meet them personally!
We spent two days together to meet all the vendors, speak about the scenario, talking also about Plan B and the important details. Charlotte and Jack fell in love with Tenuta Torciano, a famous vineyard in the near of San Gimignano, that my friend and colleague Daniela from A Tuscan Tale suggested me.
I wanted Charlotte and Jack to experience as much as possible with their family and friends and take Tuscany home as a special and unique memory. Both, Jack and  Charlotte, liked the idea! Therefore, I organized a social program together with Daniela to let them have a Winetasting with a lunch during their location inspection.
Pierluigi, the owner, was taken by the story of Neri, Jacks great-grandfather, and he liked that Charlotte and Jack decided to get married in Neris birthplace.
After our light lunch, Charlotte and I left Jack and Pierluigi to enjoy the next appointment, the Bridal Makeup Trial.

photocredit: Angela Lindner

The Bride and her Bridal Makeup Trial appointment

When I first met Charlotte I wouldn’t have said, that she had problems with her skin. She had a very fine and clear skin. She did not put any Makeup on. She told us, she even did not use any cleaning foam or tonic, daily cream or night cream – nothing at all. She cleaned her face with water. No matter if summer or wintertime. Charlotte even did not put sun cream on her face. I couldn’t believe!
Well, I am the real opposite.  I have countless creams for all sorts of skin themes: moisture, care, anti-wrinkle (most of them), youthful appearance, etc. Honestly speaking, I cannot imagine not putting anything on my skin. I think without my good-night-skin-ritual I couldn’t fall asleep …

Charlotte told us, she didn’t like any chemicals on her face. Of course, we asked her if she had some trouble with allergies, but she denied. Rossana, I love to work with, is also a friend of mine and colleague. She is a professional beautician with her own studio .

Rossana was following our conversation not saying anything. She could feel how stressed Charlotte was, so Rossana asked her, if she would like to have a massage to relax, first. Charlotte accepted and could hardly believe that she was so pampered. She was even falling asleep, after a few minutes …
Afterwards Rossana started with the skin treatment. She took a lot of time and was very attentive to see any possible skin irritation or reaction.
She used a very sensitive and antiallergic skin care series and explained step by step what she did and why. Charlotte loved the service. You could tell how she relaxed, being pampered by Rossana in her great Studio, with that fusion of light fragrances that make you relax.
Well, for me Rossana’s studio is a place I could stay for hours. If you arrive there, being tired and exhausted, you leave it in a good mood and a big smile on your face.

photocredit: Pixabay

Travelling back to Australia

Charlotte and Jack stayed for almost seven days and travelled back home, both with a big smile on their face. They were happy about the people they met, the Tuscan experiences they lived. And they were grateful for the certainty every single vendor gave them.
They knew, their wedding would just be wonderful.

photocredit: pixabay

21 days before the wedding,
The countdown starts and new ideas appear on the screen …

Three weeks before the wedding Charlotte became very nervous. Nearly every day, she sent me messages on WhatsApp showing new ideas, that “we should do”.
A lot of Charlottes girlfriends wanted to help and felt sad, because they couldn’t …
A classical situation in Destination Weddings.
Charlotte felt sad and didn’t know what to do. So, I proposed to have a few things prepared by the 8 girls, the 7 bridesmaids and the maid of honor. After getting Charlottes OK, I contacted them and told them about Charlottes plan to have things prepared by them.
They were happy and of course they all wanted to help.

Something Charlotte didn’t tell me, and I couldn’t know because we communicated ONLY via WhatsApp at that time, was the development of her skin.
One of her closest friends from early kindergarten days convinced her it was time to start with skin treatment, now as a married woman.
Charlotte didn’t start with light products.
Charlotte started with luxury anti age products, what was too much for her skin  …

Photocredit: Pixabay

Three days before the wedding:
Ready for the unpredictable – Let the games start!

Charlotte and Jack arrived together with their parents three days before the wedding. I met them all for dinner and when I saw Charlotte, I was shocked. Her skin was covered with red spots and many impurities.
I couldn’t say anything!
After the Welcome Cocktail I left the group for a moment and called up Rossana. I asked her to come over and have a look. I was really preoccupied. Rossana understood and agreed. After an hour, we finished already the dessert, Rossana arrived.
Charlotte looked at me happily welcoming Rossana. 
Rossana and I accompanied Charlotte to her room. There Rossana took a close look at her skin.
She proposed Charlotte having a relaxing day with body and face treatment in her studio, preparing the skin for the wedding with gentle moisture and cleaning treatments.
She told Charlotte about the effect of the Tuscan clay, what goes back to the ancient Etruscans...

Beauty secrets from the Etruscans

The Etruscans lived mainly in Tuscany. The Etruscan women were known for many reasons in the ancient world. Their beauty, due to special treatment with clay mineral filled, was nearly legendary.
Even the Florentine Medici family treated their skin with packs of the ancient clays and did massages with aromatic oils, many centuries later.
Nowadays Tuscan beauticians like Rossana remember the original tradition and offer special treatments with immediate results.

Important to Rossana was, that Charlotte had to rest and recover before the wedding to help her skin getting better.

photocredit: Pixabay

The Day of Wedding

The civil ceremony in the garden was supposed to start at 11.30 am, followed by a food station reception.
Charlotte asked me the evening before, to stay with her the whole morning, from 09.00 am. I thought that was a good idea, as I understood at the Welcome Barbecue the night before that Charlotte will not have any moment for herself.

So, I knocked at Charlotte’s door at 8.30 am, in a very good mood.
I knew she was already awake, because she loved to see the sunrise over the vineyard.

Charlotte opened the door and I looked in a red tear-stained face! 
I wanted to ask what has happened, but she pulled me into the room so fast, I lost my words .
Great tears rolled down her cheeks and I still didn’t know what has happened.

I took her hand and asked her quietly, what has happened.
Arriving, I met Jack on the corridor in the best mood ever ...

After a few minutes, she calmed down, took a deep breath and started to tell me:
when she got up this morning, she watched together with Jack a wonderful sunrise. Afterwards they had coffee together and then, as planned, Jack went to his brother’s room to get dressed.

(She snuffeled)
After Jack left, she took a shower and noticed nasty pimples on her right shoulder and on her face as well and began pressing them.
Well, while she was talking, I realized that she had heavy Make Up on her face…
Listening attentively, I grabbed my mobile and called Rossana.
Charlotte was quiet and had regained her composure. It was 8.50 am - 10 Minues left for the hairdresser to arrive.
I was on the phone, waiting for Rossana to answer.
After the 2nd beep Rossana answered suprised.  She listened quietly, and assured to be there in 20 minutes.
Suddenly we heard a friendly knockknock on the door. Angela, the hairdresser had arrived. 
I told her about the situation and she assured, there will be no time problem at all. Charlotte was happy.
20 Minutes later I opened the door to a curious Rossana.
We didn’t talk, we hugged each other, like always and looked at each other.
You know, there are people, you don’t need to speak, you just look and they understand.
Rossana is such a person!

I left Charlotte with Rossana, the beautician and Angela, the hairdresser.
I went to Jack for a check.

After an hour I came back. What a surprise!!!
Charlotte's hair was beautiful and Rossana was finalizing the Make Up.
Charlotte was in a really good mood. 
I am very grateful for such moments, as they confirm my decisions and they confirm me as a professional Wedding Planner.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Charlotte.
There was no redness, no swelling no trace of any blemish.
Just a happy Charlotte in a very good mood and very concentrated ... 

photocredit: Laura Caini

5 Tips for a Relaxed and Beautiful Bridal Make Up

  1. Water, water, water
    Make sure you drink enough!
  2. Avoid to heavy or fat food before the wedding,
    especially if you never eat that kind of food.
  3. Don’t use any NEW cosmetics (cleansing foam, day cream, sun cream, cream peeling, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.) two weeks before the wedding
  4. Hire a Professional Beautician or Make Up Artist, not your best friend!
    Have a trial and make sure you will look like you want!
  5. Don’t drink too much alcohol the night before the wedding.
  6. Try to get, for you, enough sleep the night before the wedding.


photocredit: Pixabay

Trends for the Beautiful Bridal Makeup Look 2019 in Tuscany

At Rossana’s Beauty studio you will find for this season a Tuscan Make Up Style, inspired by the “Venus” of Botticelli. This style is reflected in special colors and the ethereal image, that the Florentine painter Botticelli depicts as the birth of Venus. And those shades and that mood have always been considered the idea of female beauty in art.

Photocredit: Pixabay 

If you are interested in getting married in Tuscany please contact us.
My team and I are looking forward to assist you with your preparations for your  Dream Wedding in Tuscany!

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