Your Wedding Dress and more Peace of Mind

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1 Key decision that will make your life more peaceful as a bride, organizing her wedding in Tuscany

You are getting married in Tuscany!!!

Whether you have been inspired by the picturesque scenery of the Hollywood movie Under the Tuscan sun or an inspiring and amazing picture on Pinterest or Instagram, you know you will celebrate your Dream wedding in Tuscany! 
(photocredit: Borgo San Luigi)

What about The TOP 10 Topics, organizing your wedding in Tuscany ???
Done !!!

Step by step you have been taking various decisions and started organizing your wedding. You followed great and inspiring wedding blogs and completed one task after the other. You started at point zero, the wedding venue, and decided together with your spouse to get married at a romantic castle. You will have your Reception and Wedding Dinner at a well-known vineyard in the heart of Chianti. You and your guests will stay there overnight to experience Tuscany with all your senses.

(photocredit: Il Paluffo)

You planned the perfect wedding menu: consisting of local and seasonal food, considering also BIO.

(photocredit: Borgo San Luigi)

A waste of time to mention your concern about all the guests’ dietary restrictions. And you have been researching for the most delicious wedding cake.

(photocredit: il Paluffo)

You hired the most reliable transportation company to make sure everybody will be picked up and will arrive in time at the wedding venue for the welcome barbecue, the evening before the wedding. Of course, you knew how to manage the bureaucracy of documents and translation.
You booked the most entertaining musicians to make sure your wedding will be a lifetime memory for you and your guests. And finally you cared for an appealing social program that fits perfectly to your guests background.

(photocredit: Sabrina Lauriston)


Angela: Ok, these are the BIG TOPICS! Well done!!! 
(little pause)
The bride waits impatiently, kneading the fingers of her right hand.
Angela (asking in a gentle voice): What about the DETAILS …
Bride (shaking her head in disbelief) nearly shouting:  D O N E !!!
Angela (not showing any remorse, she raises her left eyebrow) asking patiently and innocently:
All of them?

I am sure you made up your mind about the table plan, you organized who will accompany the driver to pick up aunt Mary from the airport of Pisa … with one bottle of cold sparkling water and the particular bar of 85% dark chocolate for her “blood pressure”. For God’s sake aunt Mary doesn’t suffer diabetes …

(photocredit: pexels)

The nitty-gritty: what about you, BRIDE?

Did you spend enough time thinking about the BRIDE, about yourself?
I don’t mean the lovely “emergency-kit” at the toilet or the headache pills ..

What about your wedding dress?

Did you already buy your wedding gown?
(photocredit: Alberto Sarrantonio)

If so, how do you bring it to the wedding venue?
Did you think about that?

I remember my wedding dress, a gorgeous 100% pure silk A-line wedding gown on a 150 minutes trip in the luggage compartment of our cozy A2 Audi …

When I got married, I put my 100% pure silk wedding gown in the luggage compartment of our Audi A2, coated caringly with soft tissue …
That trip even today feels like a never-ending story.
By the time we arrived, I jumped out of the still running car, grabbing my wedding dress and rushing to my room to have it hanged.
I nearly cried when I realized all the ugly dress wrinkles. So, I had my maid of honor to bring it to the bridal store in town to let it fix. I remember that mix of feelings: disappointment, anger, and a lot of fear that something would go wrong. But the people in the bridal store were so, so nice!
Imagine, the shop owner was so worried about me and my feelings, that he himself delivered my wedding gown and handed it over to me personally! It was so important to him to make sure, that I was not just good looking, but happy! Even, if I didn’t buy the wedding dress there! What a service!

Stress, Fear and Tears! Was it worth it?

(photocredit: pixabay)

My wedding turned to be gorgeous from the moment I put on my dress and realized that everything was fine. But looking back, I wish I would have considered to shop my wedding dress in the near of the venue. Honestly speaking, I even didn’t consider at that time such a service! After my wedding I found out, that bridal store sold a lot of well-known brands among them also the brand of my wedding dress …

Sometimes, if you are stuck, it might be the right time to change the road you’re on …Time to Re-think!

It was too much stress!
At the beginning we had one year ahead, but all of a sudden there was only one month left and so many things to do …
And of course, all things had to be done by myself!

When I started as a professional wedding planner, trained by the AAWP in 2008, I focused on Incoming weddings in Vienna, Austria. I understood and lived my major function as professional wedding planner in putting away any kind of stress, fear and possible trouble.
So, sometimes the videocall was quite long and had place only for the wedding dress. In most cases the brides took my advice and got their wedding gown in Vienna.

The Wedding dress is so important! It is the one and only dress!
You wear your wedding gown only once in your lifetime!

Arriving by plane or car, did you already think about HOW to transfer your wedding dress to your wedding destination?
There are a lot and great blogs about how to transport your wedding gown to your destination wedding like .
And they talk honestly and true about lost in transit, damage, lost upon arrival, bringing a size garment steamer, and much more.

One quick question for you: Do you really want to steam your wedding dress on your wedding day by yourself?

I remember, I had a firework of different thoughts and emotions!!!
Just imagine all your relatives and friends travelling for you and your big day. They want to spend precious time with you and your spouse!
(photocredit: The Wedding Photographer Csaba Vigh)

Did you ever think about buying your wedding gown in Tuscany?

How should you manage finding your wedding gown in Tuscany?
When travelling to your wedding venue for a location inspection, I guess you want to experience everything with your senses.
At least that’s what I always advise my bridal couples. You will taste the food, you will talk to the floral designer, the DJ. You will have the bridal makeup trial to make sure you will not be turned into a rainbow and of course you will have an appointment with your hairdresser.
Well organized, there is enough time to dedicate yourself to your wedding dress.

Talk to your wedding planner!

Another reason to organize your wedding in Tuscany with professional help!
Your wedding planner knows which store sells which styles and brands and organizes everything efficiently!

The perfect Match!
International Wedding Gown Brands fell in love with Two Tuscan Historians more than ten years ago …

(photocredit: Caterina Riotto & Marco Rossi)

In the well-known and famous area of Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni at Poggibonsi you will find the renowned Store WEDDING, specialized in wedding attire for brides and grooms as well as guests on 250m2.

The Store “WEDDING” – The Passion - The Owners

WEDDING provides a big selection of international and national brands, among them Pronovias, Rosa Clarà, Ladybird, Colet, Musani and many more. The owner, two historians, started successfully more than ten years ago combining their passion for history and wedding.

(photocredit: Caterina Riotto & Marco Rossi)
(photocredit: Caterina Riotto & Marco Rossi)
(photocredit: Caterina Riotto & Marco Rossi)
(photocredit: Caterina Riotto & Marco Rossi)

Any influence of the past in today’s choice of bridal dresses?
What do the Historians, Caterina and Marco, say …

In the past centuries the wedding dress in Tuscany reflected more than elsewhere the importance of the family, the CLAN.
In the time of Medici, the wedding dress was quite different from the ones today: on the pictures you will see the Majesty expressed in the material chosen: damask and golden brocade. It was mainly the textile fabric reflecting the preciousness of its owner.

Today the wedding dress represents the personality of the bride. Along with the red thread of the whole preparation it characterizes the bride. The wedding dress is also a way of communication…

In past time there were not so many rules to follow deciding for a wedding dress, it was conditioned only by the social class. Today the bride has the freedom of choice and the wedding dress can be determined by many factors like budget, style of wedding, style of venue, age, first or second marriage and much more.

Deciding for your wedding dress in Tuscany with its romantic vineyards and historic castles, it’s very easy to immerge in the medieval atmosphere, where the decision for a wedding dress may vary form a Boho Style to romantic or princess. 
The trend does never abandon the basic styles like Princess, Classic and Romantic, which you will find in numerous Blog articles.
Brides today are free to choose – and so are you!

If you need further information or help to getting your bridal attire in Tuscany, contact me!
My team and I care for you and make sure, that your wedding dress will find you!

You know: it's not the bride finding her dress - it's the dress finding her bride!

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