Costs of your wedding in Greece

Costs of your wedding in Greece

 Service, know-how, empathy and passion at a reasonable price!

First and foremost, we work tailor-made on your wedding, but we also like to use our standardised packages, which leave plenty of room for individual wishes. We are therefore very flexible and can realise dream weddings in Greece for both large and small budgets.

Our standard packages are divided into:

* Mini packages
Bargain under the motto small and fine with a wedding party up to
max. 10 persons.
* Midi packages
Reasonably priced wedding packages based on a number of persons of
10 to max. 20 persons.
* Maxi packages
Wedding packages at a good value for a wedding party
from 20 persons.
Our fee is calculated on a flat-rate basis and consists of our services in Vienna and on site in Greece.
We do not work with commissions. We pass on our negotiated prices 1:1 to the bridal couple.

 Our services include among others:

• A free and non-binding consultation lasting approx. 1 to 2 hours.
(personally in our office or via Skype)
• Development of the wedding concept within the framework of the wedding budget
• Finding your dream location and advice on how to get there and where to stay overnight
• Location inspection directly on site
• Request for quotation, order confirmation, securing the agreed performance of the relevant industry partners, such as catering, confectioners, florists, music & entertainment, pyrotechnics and many more.
• Coordination of the commissioned wedding industry partners on site on the day of the wedding
• Accompanying the planning we meet approx. 3-4 times for updates of the current planning, budget control or any questions. You will receive the results as minutes of the meeting via email after the appointment.
We make sure that you are relaxed and full of joy
from the first day on planning
your dream wedding in Greece!