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Our Team

Angela Lindner



Tanja Tuschkany

Artistic Realization

Decoration, invitation and painting

Daniela Cappelletti

Social Programme

A Tuscan Tale

Company History

How it all started …


Graduation from the JKU
Preparation for my own wedding as an initial spark
Founding of Wedding Angel the wedding agency

2007 - 2008

Training as a Certified Wedding Planner  
Graduation from the AAWP  


The new profession Wedding Planner is born.
In close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, the job description and the business license
to the new profession Wedding Planner has been worked out.

Creation of the concept for the Wedding Planner training at the WIFI.
Pilot of the training at the WIFI Vienna starts in autumn 2009.


Course leader in the nationwide WIFI branch offices beneath: Vienna, Steyr, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck


Guest lecturer at the EURAKA in Baden-Baden (Germany)


Launch of the new brand Angela Lindner for International Concept Weddings
Expert for the field of Weddings at the Chamber of Commerce


Segmentation of the brand Angela Lindner on Concept Weddings in Tuscany

Our Philosophy – Our Values
  • Transparency & Trust  

    Quality has its price.
    We have been deliberately not working with commissions since our foundation.
    For this reason, we are free in the choice of professionals. Negotiated prices we pass on in full to the bride and groom.

  • Honesty & Openness

    We maintain an open and cordial communication.
    Decisions should be made solely out of conviction and not under pressure or time constraints.

  • Joy & Passion

    In the past twelve years we have been able to accompany many exciting bridal couples and to realize unique weddings.
    We still feel that magic in our activity, especially when we see the joy in the eyes of the bride and groom.