That's me ...

I passed my early childhood in northern Italy, between Milano, Torino, Brescia, Monza and Venezia.
I think it has been on Piazza San Marco in Venice where I said my first words and started to tell the doves stories ...

Starting with elementary school, my family settled down in Vienna and life became quiet, winter turned to be very cold and very long and dark … But summer time was sun, the sea, sand, good food, warmhearted people, good vibes, laughter everywhere and noisy children to play with.

Looking back, I think that was the time when my love story started …

Many years later, I moved to Rome for my studies. Afterwards I have been working for a Multinational in Milan and of course my heart has not been untroubled by some very romantic but not everlasting Amore
In 2006 I started my own business as professional wedding planner based in Vienna.
In the course of time I felt the need of being newly oriented in my business. It was time to change, to develop - something was missing. 
I decided to live my passion for 100%! 
So, I focused my weddings on Tuscany, where I discovered over the years, step by step the “Italy of my childhood”, the place where I feel home.

Well, there is everything that is important for me: the sea, the perfect mix of city and countryside, a more or less working infrastructure with more than 1 international airport, architecture and art, past centuries that have found their ways to be part of daily life, food that combines tradition and contemporary influences, like the legendary Pappa al Pomodoro deriving from the Etruscans, warmhearted people and so much more …

And this passion I want to share with people who feel the same way!

I help bridal couples finding their dream wedding venue and organizing their wedding in Tuscany. By the time, they got married, they have learned and experienced so much about Tuscany: the history, the food, the lifestyle.
At the end, they want to keep the memory and experience Tuscany in their daily life.

I know very well what that means!

So, I decided to start a Blog about my passion for Tuscany, with my major topics Wedding, Food & Lifestyle to bring Tuscany to your daily life!

I hope it will be a source of inspiration, entertainment & help for you!