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We are luxury wedding planners for couples with sophisticated tastes. We conceptualize, design and realize
unique celebrations around love (marriage proposals, engagements, weddings, etc.) in Austria and around the
world! We would be happy to help you find your dream destination!


Lucy & Marc

Thanks to everyone that made this day so special!!! Words cannot express my gratitude!

Janka & Bernhard

Thank you so much for this unforgettable day!

Kim & John

A truly fabulous location!

Evgeniya & Sergej

We could not have imagined it better - we will always remember this unique day!

Daria & Chris

We had an amazing day and the location was just perfect!



What is the perfect location for your wedding?


Sculptures, wedding stages, moving centerpieces and more.


Imperial charm in a royal summer residence

Wedding ceremony in a manorial country estate


«We wanted to get married in a small and discreet yet "high quality" wedding. From the beginning, it was important for us to have a unified concept – to recognize our personal touches at every step. We had consultations with other wedding planners, but we decided on Angela Lindner after only a few minutes. She suggested a tailor-made wedding menu according to our central theme – and not only the food selection, but also the staging of the individual courses.»

Customer Feedback on Food and Concept

«Since my husband was born and grew up in Austria, we wanted our wedding celebration to be in Austria. We both love the water and for that reason wanted to be married near the water. The food concept was also very important to us. We wanted a fusion cuisine with fish, but knew in advance that some guests didn’t eat fish. Angela Lindner carefully chose a great caterer who innovatively implemented what we had in mind. At first, we contacted three wedding planners in Vienna that we found on the Internet. We decided relatively quickly on Angela Lindner. We were convinced by how easy it was to implement our wishes and that during our discussion, we could already picture it in our minds.»

Customer Feedback on Concept

«My husband surprised me with a weekend in Vienna. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly in the midst of many tourists, he asked me to marry him at the Wiener Riesenrad [Vienna Ferris wheel]. This was such a surprising and wonderful moment for me and the wedding should be the same. Angela Lindner was recommended to us. I felt her presence throughout the entire planning phase, even though we were many kilometers apart. On the day of the wedding, the Ferris wheel accompanied us as a central theme. The big surprise came at the wedding dinner, as every table greeted us with a small turning Ferris wheel. Upon my questioning astonishment, Angela said with a smile, "Movement is life. Today is a new beginning in your life!" I will never forget that.»

Customer Feedback on Decor