From my own experience, I know that special moments are especially remembered when they are experienced with all senses. Today, weddings do not only have to correspond to a special experience character, but something new and unique should be created. Therefore, we try to make the desired elements, mostly themed decorations sensually experienceable.
Often the movement is the center of attention. In addition, materiality, haptics and the sense of smell play an essential role. We create and build the respective settings in our studio, or our local partner produces them in detail according to our specifications.
It can be a variety of decorations: a romantic wedding canopy, a tailored wedding stage to the bridal couple's story, personalized dinnerware at the wedding table according to the theme of the wedding, or moving centerpieces such as replicated landscapes with simulated rivers, or an interpretation of the Vienna Giant Ferry as moving centerpiece where the marriage proposal took place ... and much more.
We work with a few selected artists who have a great sense for the overall production. In addition, they are characterized by absolute reliability, enjoyment of their work and a lot of fun in the team.